Dream of the Villa



Starting point: Puerta del Sol, by the “Km 0” plaque just below the clock tower Plaza de la Puerta del Sol

Places of interest

  • Teatro Real
  • Palacio Real
  • Catedral de la Almudena
  • Plaza de la Villa
  • Plaza de la Paja
  • Jardín del Príncipe de Anglona
  • Barrio de la Latina
  • Mercado de la Cebada
  • Plaza de Puerta Cerrada
  • Mercado de San Miguel
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Plaza Jacinto Benavente
  • Puerta del Sol


Let history preside your dreams, allow your imagination to travel back in time and relive events that occurred in the streets of the villa [town] of Madrid in centuries past. When you return from this trip you will be at the best places to visit Madrid: the Teatro Real, the Palacio de Oriente, the Puerta del Sol, the Plaza Mayor… in the heart of one of the most modern cities, packed with passion, life and culture.

Dreammadrid makes you the protagonist in the tour of Madrid and the history of this old district thanks to which the city became the capital of Spain over four centuries ago.

Our dream in the Madrid de los Austrias [the Hapsburg District] is a route through the center of Madrid that is ideal for a photographic session with your partner, your family or a group of friends looking for a different, original and amusing memory from among the routes in Madrid. You will also be able to enjoy many stories and anecdotes that you won’t find in any of the other guided tours of this city.

During this route you can enjoy the gastronomy of Madrid in the break to enjoy the famous tapas they serve here, while drinking nice wine, vermouth or any other beverage. All courtesy of dreammadrid.

We also offer the possibility of having your favorite pictures gathered in an album or any other medium. Check our special rates.

*The routes may be modified by the dreamer depending on requirements or preferences (age, physical condition, weather, number of people etc.). See Conditions.

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  • 195€(VAT included)
  • 1-12 people
  • For groups larger than 12 people, each additional person is charged at 12 Euros (VAT included)
    • 1 hour 30´ session
    • 1 dreamer
    • 80 photos
    • dreammadrid