About us



Dreammadrid is the result of our passion for photography, people and the magic issuing from the city of Madrid.

We create our dreams based on the moments we experience and the sensation conveyed by the streets, people and life in this city.


We are dreamers, and with our joie de vivre, our vitality and a positive attitude we want to accompany you in your experience of Madrid.

1. General Manager

Juanma Guzmán

General Manager

madrid photographer

María Abad

Marketing – Photographer

3. Communication Department

Raúl Pascual

Communication – Photographer

5. Dreamer Department

Daniel García


6. Audiovisual Department

Miguel Molinares

Audiovisual Department

7. Creative Department

Laura García



The secret of our success is the passion with which we do our work. All dreamers have an outgoing, fun, happy and musical personality. If we add to this our professional commitment, we become the ideal companions to generate great moments and unforgettable situations.

We are passionate people with a critical view of our work, we believe in our ideas, through which we capture sensations and communicate, express and convey concepts sensitively.


We want the dreams tucked away in Madrid to become a part of you, capturing them in images capable of stirring up your emotions and arousing your senses.

We want you to have fun, to laugh and enjoy every step of the road to your dreams alongside dreammadrid.