However, our work is more than the typical services offered by traditional tourist walks, it is a photographic report to discover Madrid from different points of view. This kind of possibility can only be developed in a city like Madrid, a reference with different faces to show to each visitor. In dreammadrid we select much more than simple activities to do in Madrid, we select routes to take the image of Madrid with which everybody dreams.


Dream big, dream Madrid

The communication of a company starts with the image constructed around its own Brand. At dreammadrid, through professional photography adapted to the character of your company, we add value to your image. If you dream of better and more frequent communication, let us help you transmit the character of your products and services to build the image that your brand needs.



Madrid is a cosmopolitan city, full of references and history, a city always on the run in which different cultures mix together, giving rise to a landscape of their own, a way of seeing and experiencing life that the locals share with visitors from all over the world.

Making plans in Madrid becomes a daily adventure in which you can discover many different spots; every district or quarter has its own character and pace. The best places to visit in Madrid (the list could be much longer) include: the Royal Palace, the Cathedral of la Almudena, the Temple of Debod, Plaza de España, the Basilica of San Francisco, the Market of San Miguel, the Puerta de Alcalá, the Plaza Mayor, the Puerta del Sol, Retiro Park, the Gardens of Sabatini, the Fountain of Cibeles, the Plaza de Santa Ana, the Teatro Real, and Las Ventas (the Bullring), among others.

At dreammadrid we know all the points of interest in Madrid, but our work goes beyond providing the typical services of traditional tours. We offer a photographic feature that will allow you to discover Madrid from different viewpoints. Such an idea can only be developed in a hallmark city like Madrid, with different sides to show every one of its visitors. At dreammadrid we select a lot more than just things to do in Madrid—we select routes so that you can take back home the image of Madrid that everybody dreams of.

In dreammadrid we know the best places to visit in Madrid

Touch Madrid to feel its history and understand why it has become one of the most important cities in the world, listen around you to dip into its hectic pace of life and discover the meaning of every sound issuing from its streets… and watch it closely to make out a clear cut picture that will assure you that it’s not a dream—you’ll find yourself in the city of your dreams.